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Arrling Services is a leading coating services provider for Printed Circuit Board Assembly protection.  Specialising in the application of fluoropolymer coatings and conformal coatings onto PCBA’s.

With the ability to apply the protective coatings by a variety of different methods, or design and develop an application system bespoke to your requirements, all types of PCBA’s can be accommodated.  Please contact us below to discuss your requirements.

Without the proper protection electronic components can and will fail due to environmental contamination. By applying the appropriate coating material, based on your selection criteria, the PCBA will be protected from environmental influences and ultimately extend its working life.  Our coating services offer the choice of fluoropolymer coatings and conformal coatings from the same coating services supplier.

For security sensitive devices the US government introduced FIPS140-2, which encompasses the security of the PCBA by the use of security coatings.  As well as providing concealment of the components they also display tamper evidence of the assembly.  The coating services we provide offer a combined protection and security coating, designed specifically for printed circuit boards to help you achieve the desired level of conformity to the standard.

Fluorochemical Polymer Coatings

We are the only coating supplier offering Certonal FC-742 and 3M™ Novec™ Electronic Grade Coatings​.

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Security, Concealment, Tamper Evidence​

Various compounds are available to conceal the PCB and clearly identify if tampering has been attempted.

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Acrylics, Silicones, Urethanes

Application of acrylics and silicones from all the leading suppliers.

Acrylic, Silicone & Urethane


Co-Solvent cleaning, with or without ultrasonics, is offered as part of the process or as a standalone service.

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