FIPS 140-2 coatings can help you achieve the desired FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) certification required.

FIPS 140-2 is the benchmark for validating the effectiveness of cryptographic hardware.

If a product has a FIPS 140-2 certificate you know that it has been tested and formally validated by the U.S. and Canadian Governments.  Although FIPS 140-2 is a U.S./Canadian Federal standard, FIPS 140-2 compliance has been widely adopted around the world in both governmental and non-governmental sectors as a practical security benchmark and realistic best practice. 

Organisations use the FIPS 140-2 standard to ensure that the hardware they select meets specific security requirements. The FIPS certification standard defines four increasing, qualitative levels of security:

  • Level 1: Requires production-grade equipment and externally tested algorithms.
  • Level 2: Enhances the physical security mechanisms of a Security Level 1 cryptographic module by adding the requirement for tamper-evidence.  This includes the use of tamper-evident coatings or seals or pick-resistant locks on removable covers or doors of the module.
  • Level 3: Adds requirements for physical tamper-resistance and identity-based authentication. There must also be physical or logical separation between the interfaces by which “critical security parameters” enter and leave the module. Private keys can only enter or leave in encrypted form.
  • Level 4: This level makes the physical security requirements more stringent, requiring the ability to be tamper-active, erasing the contents of the device if it detects various forms of environmental attack.

FIPS 140-2 coatings can help you achieve level 2 in a cost effective manor, while providing the tamper evidence required by the standard.

The FIPS 140-2 standard technically allows for software-only implementations at level 3 or 4, but applies such stringent requirements that none have been validated.

For many organizations requiring FIPS certification, level 3 is a good compromise between effective security, operational convenience, and choice in the marketplace.

Dependant on your specification to Level 2 of FIPS140-2, a range of products are available with different characteristics.  If a solution is not commercially available we have the ability to formulate a specific product that will satisfy your requirements.

Further Information

The publication is available electronically at

FIPS 140-2 Coatings and GDPR UK

Information how FIPS 140-2 Coatings can help satisfy GDPR requirements in the UK can be found on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) web site via this link

Security solution

Excellent for concealment and tamper evidence.

High security solution

This coating provides a higher level of security concealment and tamper evidence. Removal normally causes physical damage to the PCB.

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